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So you've decided to write a blog...

I started one of these before and never kept up with it. And in the spirit of hard-headedness, I'm going to try again. We'll see if things work out better this time.

In these difficult times

So, things are kind of complicated for the world at large in the midst of this pandemic, but thanks to working from home I find myself with more time for art. And thanks to no commute, grumpy and annoyed after I get home, so more motivation for art as well. I have been more productive on non-work stuff in the past 8 weeks than I have in the past 6 months.

Three commission pieces, two paintings just for me (a self-portrait and the piece in working on now) and there is a virtual paint night planned for 5/23. Plus a bunch of graphics for church.

On the flip side, no going out to eat (take out isn't the same), no in person game night, no in person church service, no community group, no real social interaction (Zoom/Discord is not the same).

All told, we are spending less and doing more. Me and my lovely wife might actually be able to pay off a credit card before this craziness ends.

All that is to say, even though the world is crazy right now, we're doing pretty well. I know this experience is not universal and some people might have it pretty sucky at the moment. I hope you are able to find some bright spots in this mess. I know the measures put in place are there for a reason and I heartily agree with the reasons. But I might do something dumb to be able to sit down in a sushi restaurant again.

Anyway, this rambled a bit. We'll see if I ever make it back for post two and make this a regular thing. And

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